Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Nude Food In The Best Of Bridgestone Guide

Marketeer Louise Clark has joined the ranks of the Dungarvan Dynamos with the opening of her super little cafe and restaurant, Nude Food, on O'Connell Street, following on from her huge success with The Naked Lunch in the market.

From Naked to Nude: well, it's a career path of sorts. It's an eclectic space: mismatched furniture, old living room lamps and a chandelier made from old bottles, but it all works and the place has a lovely ambience. The food never misses the spot: pork belly with roasted butternut squash, couscous and hummus and char-grilled sourdough bread is outstandingly good. Hederman's smoked salmon with cucumber and cream cheese on brown bread is ace, the salmon cut into nice thick pieces, and that bread and butter pudding bubbling in the oven has your name on it, if you can but resist the pear and almond tart with Glenilen clotted cream. Good coffees, good service, low prices - what more can one possibly want? A new star.

For more information see www.bestofbridgestone.com

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